Andrew Dealy

10 years ago Andrew met his future wife. She was training for her first marathon (The Austin Marathon). Due to, perhaps, a lack of maturity, Andrew decided he had to start running in order to maintain his manhood and be worthy of marrying this woman. Andrew signed up for the White Rock Half Marathon in 2006 with the belief that his general athleticism would be able to carry him through the race. Andrew finished the race (barely edging his wife to maintain his man-card) with an injured back, bruised foot, severe limp, and a huge smile on his face. It was miserable, and he was hooked.

10 years later running has become a staple in Andrew’s life. Andrew believes that running has benefits to offer for every person in any life stage. All it takes is locating your motivation to run and keeping it well fed.

Goal: Help people locate their running motivation and enjoy the process of growing as a runner.

Years Running: 10

Years Coaching: 4

Number of Marathons: 11 and 2 Ultras

Favorite Race: The Cowtown Ultra