Propulsion: Road Running

road running austin texasLeft foot, right foot, repeat. It seems so simple in theory, but learning to run is an ever-evolving process.

We will emphasize drills, form, and mobility to help make your running less prone to injury and more efficient (a little extra pep in your step). We believe in having fun along the way, so you will train with others in a positive and motivating community-based environment.

Everything you learn at Propulsion will help you reach your goals – whether it’s to PR at your next race, learn to rest and recover properly to allow for higher quality training, have better technique, become more efficient, or just to have fun as you train.

We are passionate about movement and love to learn and try new things, so expect to find more than just running in your training plan – and to gain confidence along the way as your body pushes past limits you never imagined would be possible.

Run Training Options

1 Month of Run Programming

1 session/week $39

2 sessions/week $59

Unlimited monthly $69

Unlimited monthly run + strength training for endurance athletes $150

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