run coaching austin texasPropulsion is about forward movement.

It’s about emphasizing the often over-looked aspects of running:

  • drills
  • mobility
  • form work
  • cross training

Emphasizing these details allows us to minimize risk of injury so that you can exceed your goals…all in a fun, community-based environment.

We offer three types of programming at Propulsion:

Generalized programming is quality training that is appropriate for athletes of all levels. This includes off the couch, athletes that are tapering for a race or have just finished racing, and/or athletes that are training for life.

Specific programming is catered to each individual to help each athlete meet personal goals, whether training for one mile or 100 miles – on street or on trail. Specific programming builds on generalized programming and custom plans can easily be created, regardless of your end goal.

Personal training is designed for individuals that want to work on specific movements or prefer to work in a one-on-one setting, rather than with a group. Personal training is good for both beginners and advanced to learn better form, gain a deeper understanding of training techniques, and have a fully customized plan suited to their specific needs.

Learn more about our programs here:

Road Running

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Trail Running

Personal Training