Take Your Brain and Throw It In the Trash

How many times have you been in a race, and suddenly wondered “WTF”? Why am I here? Do I even know what I am doing? Who the crap signed me up for this bologna shit?

Oh wait, it was me.

Most of the time when I sign up for a race it all starts with a good idea. And a beer (just one, of course…).






































And then the training begins and it’s lovely. I start hitting my goals, hills become less hilly, and I start feeling like a super gangster (this is a good thing, in case you don’t know me). 🙂





Then it’s race day. Test day. Everything I trained for is supposed to show up on this great day. The stars and moon are supposed to align and guide me effortlessly through this and nothing but greatness achieved.





True! Butttttttttt….. Sometimes, my little buddy “brain” shows up and trumps me.

















I start paying attention to every little thing that’s not perfect and freak the fuck out (excuse my French, but we are gettin’ really real right here!).

All of a sudden, I’m breathing like a beached whale and frantically stomping the ground like I’m going to hulk smash some shit to somehow make me faster…


























I have a feelin’ some of you folks can relate. Let’s go over a few steps on how to alter this negative fiasco into a much more tolerable pain (although this is another moment to get really real, it’s a damn race – you’re going to feel the ouch factor at some point). For some reason we like this…but damn, it feels so good when you cross that finish line, right?

Step 1:

Trash your brain. For some reason, he/she is NOT always on your side.



























Just breathe! Relax man! Your lungs are still kickin’! Instead of opting to slow down, try focusing on your breath. Stay calm, keep positive, and relax your breath. Sometimes you accidentally wind those mugs up when it’s not necessary.


Go through your cues. Everyone has something that helps. A few examples:

  • look forward
  • relax your shoulders
  • pick up your feet/stop stomping
  • think light
  • relax
  • you da shit (a little positive reinforcement is always bueno!)

Try this sometimes during your training runs. You might be surprised how much it helps! Focusing on what you know is so much better for your body than listening to the stories your brain creates! 🙂 This is an amazing practice not only your training, but also for life. You are way stronger than you think you are!